Our Staff


Pastor John Hanna – Lead Pastor

As a boy living in Alexandria, Egypt, John’s favorite animal was a lion. His curiosity never caused him to wonder what it would be like to stick his whole head inside a lion’s mouth. John is gratefully married to Nevine. Their children are Ashley, Gabrielle, David, Alexander, and Leila. When they are all together, whether at home in Ramsey, NJ, or elsewhere, it’s usually pretty noisy, whether they’re playing a board game, watching a Yankees game, enjoying a beach day, or pretty much anything at all. Before attending seminary, John worked at being a lawyer.

John’s hope is that in and through Restore Fellowship; the powerful, gracious, redeeming, dying and rising, truth and love of God through Jesus Christ would be spoken clearly and shine brightly in our homes, our community, and world, inviting men and women of every background, every ethnicity, every race, every language, every failure, every success, every heartache, every joy, to give their lives to Him who gave His life for them.