“From Self-Awareness towards Christ-Awareness.”


Restore Fellowship, the English Ministry of the Presbyterian Church of New Jersey, exists to glorify God by making disciples who grow from deeper self-awareness towards a greater sense of Christ-awareness in all that we are and do.


Healing for the Broken:

We live in a culture that is often afraid to be honest about the messiness in our lives. Our ministry aims to to confront our brokenness by seeking wholeness in Christ and the Gospel so that we can love well and love biblically. We desire to grow in our awareness of who we are as God’s beloved and to move deeper into seeking Christ’s will in our lives.

Identity in Christ:

We live in a culture of shallow busyness that defines our worth by the way we look and the things we have. We recognize that this culture indeed invites spiritual warfare. Our ministry aims to combat this culture by committing ourselves to spiritual disciplines, setting apart time and space to root ourselves in the Word and in prayer. We strive to build our identity in the Gospel of Jesus Christ that speaks against the sins of disobedience and self-righteousness.

Living out Christ-driven Purpose:

We live in a culture of small dreams and early retirement instead of discovering and pursuing God-given purpose and passion for His Kingdom. Our ministry aims to examine ourselves honestly, thoughtfully and prayerfully find where our gifts and passions align, and add value to God’s Kingdom through Christ-inspired endeavor.


We live in a culture of consumerism. Our ministry aims to be God-centered stewards of resources and finances so that we can spend intentionally, save wisely, and give radically and generously for God’s Kingdom.